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Gowitek is a leading Golang Development Company with over 12 years of leadership experience at the helm of our organization. We are Golang programmers who strive to bridge the gap between technology and business. As a customized software development Company, we develop software that focusses on helping businesses leverage the advantages of Google’s Go language. Golang is a dynamic type programming language composed explicitly for cloud platforms and web-based projects.

Why Golang at Gowitek?

Golang saw the light of day in November 2012 when its version 1.0 was released to the public. However, work began on Golang about 5 years prior to this in 2007. Engineers at Google got frustrated with the computational inefficiencies of some of the existing languages. A widely believed story suggests that Golang was conceptualized when a certain verbose C++ code took long to compile. This led to Google Engineers Robert Pike, Ken Thompson and Robert Greismer putting their heads together to develop Golang. Golang was developed to handle modern computing requirements such as multi-core processing, cloud computing, analytics and computer networks.

It is a lightweight, open source language suited for today's microservices architectures. It’s suitability for modern computing makes it suitable for developing applications that are commercially viable. Golang is not only easy for developers but also efficient for end users such as businesses and organizations.

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Golang promotes programmers ease and efficiency as well as business viability and end-user suitability. Most of its features enable quick development, easy deployment, and error-free performance. This leads to lower costs and quicker Return on Investment. That said it would be inaccurate to state that it has no shortcomings. It still has a very young ecosystem and libraries are fewer than those of legacy languages. However, it has a passionate and vibrant community of Gophers who are constantly working on helping this language overcome its challenges. In 2017 Golang jumped by 65 positions from 2015 on the TIOBE index. It is a growingly popular language with more and more companies such as Uber, Microsoft, Airbnb and others adopting it. If you would like to hire Golang Developers to give your applications a competitive edge, drop us a message here.

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