Golang for IoT: good or bad?

Devices connected to the internet are making resources work more intelligently and efficiently. The possibility to Integrate IoT applications with almost any hardware opens up the opportunity to solve several business challenges. Real-time remote monitoring through IoT technology is changing the way industries function.

At Gowitek we are helping Manufacturing ,Logistics and several other industries solve operational limitations through customized IoT software solutions.

Golang for IoT Projects

Golang is our Go-to language for developing IoT applications too. Golang an open source programming language is suitable for IoT applications because of the following reasons:


Golang is a highly concurrent language. It supports a huge number of simultaneous connections - which corresponds to requirements of huge number of connected devices in IoT networks.


Due to Golangs superior scalability, it is able to scale up. It can then handle a growing number of connected devices to an IoT Network. Which is then better prepared to handle a sudden influx of connected devices.

Device Usability

It is very important that Internet of Things IoT based solutions have cross-platform functionality. Users are then able to view results on the go. Golang aces this criterion. Gobot framework supports many platforms such as Bluetooth LE devices and even the Neurosky neuro interface.


It has several built-in features and officially supported packages that can be imported easily via the Go package manager. This makes it possible to develop feature-rich IoT project that are suitable for a variety of challenges. External packages can also be integrated easily into the current application to add more features. This type of community support in Golang helps write elegant lines of code. That too in less development time thus cutting down on the applications Go-to market time.

IoT Projects

In this day and age so many IoT solutions are based on raspberry pi and similar small and affordable technology for creating smart devices. The moment an IoT project idea erupts we are flooded with plans of temperature sensors, gas sensors, monitoring system, home automation and such. However, IoT as a trending buzzword goes way beyond just monitoring security, temperature and humidity. IoT can actually be extremely effective in various industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, retail, education and more. This is because it enables transfer of data to the cloud about operational parameters of any hardware to software for easy and quick analysis. Here are some IoT Projects that we have worked on:

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